Swing Set

The wind brushes my arm sweetly
As I walk through the mulch,
I hear the laughter of children linger
Even though the park is empty now.

I sit down on one of the worn down swings,
Grip the chains until they leave indents,
And then I lean back until I feel weightless,
Before sitting up and pumping my legs back and forth.

My toes are kissing the sky when I let go,
And I close my eyes as I feel my body fly,
Carried by the wind to a random destination,
And imagine the crushing weight of waterfalls.

It carries me thousands and thousands of miles,
And maybe I’m dreaming, maybe he is too,
But he spins me and spins me until I’m in a ball gown,
And then the clock strikes twelve and he’s gone.

But people leave, and that’s okay, I’m still here,
I trace the scar on my knee as I watch dawn arrive
And I think that maybe this is enough for me,
Maybe if I just let go more often this could be it.

I was a child once, I could be one again,
Stop complicating things that don’t need me,
Because life isn’t as hard as we make it sometimes,
Sometimes it just is, and I have the time to enjoy it.

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