Moving On

Everything changed monumentally in a minute,
I struggled under the pressure of the transformation,
Going places I never even wanted to imagine,
The possibility ever real but holding off by a thread,
That snapped and broke my childhood along with it.

Emotions clouded together in my head like a storm,
Sadness mingling with betrayal mingling with anger,
Killing the last of my innocence like a fast acting poison,
Turns out the new me isn’t willing to lie to save us,
Can’t say “I’m sorry” when I mean “I forgive you.”

I held onto your hand so I wouldn’t fall into the abyss,
Too dark for me to shine my optimistic light,
But you shook your head and smiled, told me I was strong,
And then you let go and let me fall into the darkness,
I felt the voices in my head break out and surround me.

I’m crazy in my own right, didn’t need you to remind me,
But until then I was fated to be your prisoner,
Everyone always is when you’re the only one allowed to be right,
Winners always tell the story and gloss over the details,
But I’m willing to pay that price if means being free from you.

© Richela Rosales Maroto 2018

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