Poisonous Words

Sweet words envelope me,
Caress the soft skin of my arms,
Wrap like vices around my ribcage,
Work their way down, down, down,
Until all of me is inescapably all yours,
Cocooning me into a hard shell,
Sinking into my skin and deeper,
And I wait for my wings to grow,
But they don’t and they won’t,
Because then I could fly away,
That’s not an option you wanted for me.

Slowly but surely the sweetness rots,
But I still open my lips out of pure optimism,
And not much later, out of pure desperation,
Look into the eyes I thought I once knew,
Touch the lines of your skin like they’re braille,
Because I need to understand but I don’t,
I thought we were falling in love,
People have talked of love like its salvation,
And yet this feels like condemnation.

I tell myself I need to save myself,
And I try to break out but that was the point
Of waiting for me to imprison myself in you,
The poetry in my heart worked it’s magic,
Turned you into a prince in my eyes
So that I wouldn’t see the beast in yours,
And now I’m stuck in the castle,
No prince, no rose, no library, no love,
Just counting seconds until the end,
And praying for its quick arrival.

© Richela Rosales Maroto 2018

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