Come at Me, Life


Most days life just passes by in a rush.

Things are so uninteresting and monotonous

that you don’t even remember them happening.

But eventually there always comes a bump in the road

that jars you out of your reverie

and forces you to take action;

to change;

and the very thought of it is frightening.

I fear that said time is coming for me soon,

and everything inside me just screams

for me to run far away from here,

so I don’t have to do something

that I don’t feel ready for in the slightest.

But then again,

are any of us ever truly ready

for the events that unfold?

We try our hardest to prepare but

life always tends to spice things up,

and pushes us towards situations that force us to fight;

to adapt;

and to survive.

So life, if you’re listening right now,

throw everything my way all at once

and get it over with please

so that I can go home after fighting the battle,

brew a cathartic cup of tea,

and recharge until the next calamity strikes.

© Ashes 2018


Artwork by 3mml

Find more of my writing here: Divine Contemplations

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