Under the Stars

You happened to me, without any warning,
Sent me freefalling without anything to hold on to,
Threw me off balance, dangling from the tightrope,
Fucked with all my senses and had the nerve to make me question my very being.

Kept me up endless nights, wishing I could fall asleep without you on my mind,
Only to dream of you and the ways we could be, the ways I wished they would be…
But that seems to be neither here nor there,
Because you don’t care about how I felt before you, only after,
When you call my yours and wrap my in your arms,
When you’re there to pick up my broken pieces,
To call me silly names while making love under the stars.
Never before, never a past, only now and our future together.

Be careful with the walls I’ve built,
They took me years of trial and error, heartbreak and misery to construct,
So don’t crash into them, don’t break them down please,
Rather, make your way to the top, and don’t let the brick keep you grounded
I’ll be glad to help you climb their heights.
And together we can stand behind the strong fortress and block out the rest of the world.
Making love under the stars and the moon.

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