Hey, This is Maureen! – Satire

Holy shit, are you people for real? You have got to be kidding me, you all sound like a bunch of little kids playing make believe.

You want me to beg, grovel for your forgiveness? Not going to happen. You can all continue to collectively stroke each others egos in that safe little echo chamber you’ve created over there. When I joined you spoke of community, working together, creating together. That all turned out to be a load of shit. You never included me in a damn thing and when I tried to contribute, all I ever got from you is criticism and ridicule. You all work so hard to make each other feel special, well what about me? I want to feel special, I want to be accepted. But no, because I refused to fall in line with your ridiculous narrative, refused to blindly follow the group, I was shunned. Well guess what? I have found a new group and they accept me for who I am. And if you think you are going to fuck with me using your silly little “mafia” nonsense, you better take a moment to think again.

These people have got my back and if you want to push, we will bring down the most ferocious Twitter mob you have ever seen. And don’t forget, I have most of your real names and don’t think for a moment I won’t dox your asses.

So go get your coloring books and puppies, give each other a hug and fuck off. Leave me the hell alone.

You can also read Maureen’s bio or the accusations placed against her.

©️The Stories In Between – 2018

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  1. Nitin says:

    I’m supposed to be on a break, which I am, but this was brilliant. Tara asked me to read this. And thank you for your very generous comment on my blog about me finding peace. And also the one asking me to ask the haters to eff off!

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    1. I appreciate you reading man. I meant what I said. It’s easy to tell someone to ignore people and forget about them, they don’t matter, etc. but for someone to actually embrace and follow through with that- it’s difficult. I think most of us like to believe we don’t care and shitty people don’t matter but often that is far from the truth. When people get to me, what bothers me the most is not what they did but how I am feeling about it. I’m more angered at myself for letting them get to me than I am at whatever they did.

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      1. Nitin says:

        Yeah you’re right. It’s easier said than done. I also feel angry with myself often for letting them get in my head. Ignoring them is the wisest option. Discretion is the better part of valour. I’ve learned that the hard way. Thank you my friend.

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  2. We can’t leave you the hell año me, you’re familyyyyy. P.S. This was excellent!

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  3. We can’t leave you the hell año me, you’re familyyyyy. P.S. This was excellent!

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  4. tara caribou says:

    ohmygod Stories. This is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong!!! LMAO.

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    1. Is that you Maureen? Is this me?

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      1. tara caribou says:

        Just admit you were wrong and come back to us. We’ll only haze you back in gently. Oh. So. Gently.

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        1. Yeah right, no way, I’ve seen the size of that thing. I told you, exit only . . . well, most of the time.

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          1. tara caribou says:

            Super… super… g e n t l e ….

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          2. tara caribou says:

            Look deep into my eyes… deeper… deeper… you feel yourself fading away… your body becoming heavy… just relax… let yourself relax completely and totally…. you can trust me…. soft… gentle… relax

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          3. tara caribou says:

            Damnit that normally works…. oh look! It appears someone dropped a $100 bill over there, why don’t you go pick it up? Free for the taking!!

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          4. I respect your persistence but there is a nobility in the acceptance of failure. Accept it.

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          5. tara caribou says:

            Ahahaha!!! *hangs head*

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  5. I’m grinning from ear-to-ear. Haha, thank you Stories.

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  6. Macbeth should never
    have listened to those
    malignant prognostications.
    I had a taste of that bad day
    in the social media office.
    On such, no time to waste.
    Post in peace ✌.

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