It’s This One


Two TV characters
stole our song,
but they should probably keep it.
We didn’t believe
in it enough.
We didn’t believe
in our love,
& yes, I’m going
to call what we had
that from now on.

It was a too-sad song,
overplayed at the time,
& I can always count
on a period piece
to bring our era
into focus, into view,
right in front of me.

You’d hate this movie.
You’d tell me that no one
really acts like that,
but you’d love half
of the soundtrack.
It would bring
you right back,

These lovers on the screen
have ended things,
as lovers often do.

Do you think they hate
that song now,
just as much as we do, too?


© Jennifer Patino (2018)


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  1. Reblogged this on The Melancholy Spitfire and commented:

    It’s such a vulnerable feeling calling something love, and often realized and verbalized too late. Beautiful.


  2. the pretty poems says:


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