When I was finally rid of you,
I saw how our first meeting
could be likened to a point
of possession

You consumed me
like storm clouds
devouring the sky,
like the crashing gulf waves
that one night,
when we screamed
of our love to
the eyes watching,
to the ears tired
of listening

To our back & forth,
I say it was necessary,
exorcising, regurgitating

There were things to
play on repeat
& things that needed
to be turned off completely

I find bits of you in old clothing,
I find a hair here, a hair there,
I find you pushed under
a bed,
I scrawl your name into
the Book of Monsters

I once gave you temporary
power over my nightmares
so I could battle you
on common ground,
& you liked this,
you always liked this,
us hissing & spitting
like snakes,
chasing dragons
with barbed wire tongues,
my tears rusting
the whole foundation

I took solace
in the cool comfort
of your shadow,
I stayed there,
afraid of the power of the Sun

A luminous sliver
gives me enough sight to scratch by,
& a Joshua tree appears,
with a branch extended towards me,
beckoning me into
the terrible light

I was thick
with the discretion
you painted upon me,
& I was ensnared
by friendly smiles,
& entrapped
by kind condolences,
but with my head high
I navigated your
swampy hell,
your brackish,
familiar waters

I emerged from the other side,
broken, a gasping ember,
into a cool oasis
where you would never
dare venture
for fear of my
life water
dousing your fire
of darkness for good

I’ve expelled you,
I’ve chased
your remnants
down desperate drains

© Jennifer Patino (2018)

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  1. This is so powerful, the imagery, stunning.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. newrana says:

    True, that’s stunningly powerful!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you all. I appreciate all of your encouragement.

      Liked by 1 person

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