Embrace Reality

Feeling fucking low. See there’s a few things going on. I have this knack for analysis. Perhaps overthinking. And there’s this guy. He’s really really far away. And he’s not mine to have. But I want him regardless. He can give me a piece of himself. But I want all of him. Every bit. And he knows how I feel about him. Fuck, he might even read this. And I know he cares about me, in his own way. But we are so far apart. So, it’s love from afar. I have all these things I want to say, but I keep them to myself. Because he’s made it loud and clear what I am to him. And the thought came to me: maybe this is how my life is slotted. Like it’s going to be this way for the next forty years. I’m going to love him and it’s not reciprocated and he’ll continue on with his life, much as before. And I’ll read his books and wish he was writing about me in some of the chapters while at the same time hoping he’s terribly crazily happy because then it would be worth it all, knowing he’s well and taken care of in ways I’m sure I never could. Am I the most pathetic beast that walked this earth? Please tell me yes so that I don’t feel sorry for the other pitiful losers out there. But yeah maybe I should just be content. Okay with life as it rolls on. Isn’t that what people do? Embrace reality?

©️tara caribou – 2018

You can read more about reality as she sees it at Caribou Crossings.

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  1. Sadah says:

    This is nice.

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  2. bluerooster says:

    OK then I am not the first to comment, so yes.That being in response to you asking to tell you yes.

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    1. tara caribou says:

      Thanks Wayne. I can always count on you.

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  3. This is what love is. All shades of grey, including being hopelessly in love with someone that seems at a distance (literally and figuratively). In my experience, reality is eventually embraced, with great turmoil and effort. Be kind to yourself, always.

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  4. Oh, is that what people do? Embrace reality? Whoops. But honestly, I love this, and how the longing intertwines with the need for acceptance.

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  5. Pottymouth says:

    Sorry, you are not the most pathetic beast to ever walk this earth. Don’t settle for half of someone. Hold your beautiful head high and demand your needs be met, because if he isn’t able to meet them there will be someone out there that will

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    1. tara caribou says:

      Well, that’s the hope now, isn’t it?


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